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Q. "I am considering investing in a renewable electricity generation project and i appreciate that grid connection is one of the major areas of concern for developers of renewables. Can you help me understand the grid related risk associated with my investment opportunity?"

A. Yes, LR Senergy Econnect's Commercial and Regulatory team have a vast amount of experience of performing grid related due diligence of renewables projects for investor clients. Grid connection is complex in that it not only takes into account the engineering solution required to connect a project but must also consider the regulations governing the granting of access to the grid and the charges associated with that grid access. LR Senergy Econnect boasts market leading engineers and regulatory policy experts recruited from the industry regulator who can provide a complete assessment of grid related risk associated with a renewable energy project.

E: Jason.Hill@lr-senergy.com

"LR Senergy Alternative Energy has been involved in more than 50% of wind energy projects commissioned to date in the UK." February 2010

Q. "Due to the popularity of the newly introduced Feed-in Tariff (FIT) in the UK I have a portfolio of possible project sites. Before committing significant development funds I need a quick way of filtering those which may have the most technical constraints, but I don’t want to commission expensive grid connection studies. Can LR Senergy help?"

A. Yes, LR Senergy Econnect has developed a FIT connection scoping which provides a traffic light rating for technical issues (ie green, amber and red) for the local 11kV network, to help developers quantify the relative value of projects in a portfolio. This is in addition to the award winning web-based GridConnection.co.uk tool which will assess connections to 11kV busbars and the 33kV and 132kV GB distribution network.

E: Sarah.Mchardy@lr-senergy.com

"LR Senergy Econnect designed and project managed the construction of Hagshaw Hill, Scotland's first windfarm, in addition to designing and commissioning North Hoyle, the UK's first large offshore windfarm." February 2010

Q. "We're interested in powering our factory with a wind turbine - where do we start?"

A. LR Senergy Econnect has a team of specialists dedicated to on-site generation, so our first recommendation is to speak to us about your project. It's good to keep an open mind about which generation technology might work best for your location and your energy usage, as not all forms of generation are suited to all premises.

Our team is well placed to offer an independent and comprehensive approach, having led the field in renewables consulting since 1995 and having experience of a wide range of energy generation including wind, biomas, combined heat and power, hydro, energy from waste, and solar PV.

We will manage your project from beginning to end and involve you as much or as little as you would like. We can also help with the commercial and technical aspects of exporting to the local distribution networks and, should you then wish to sell your project to a specialist renewables developer, we can help to broker a deal.

E: Jason.Hill@lr-senergy.com

"LR Senergy is advising Australian geothermal companies on well design for deep engineered geothermal systems." February 2010