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LR Senergy Alternative Energy delivers technical excellence in the subsurface identification, appraisal, design, management and monitoring of secure CO2 storage sites. We are dedicated to making carbon capture and storage a reality.

As a close and trusted CO2 storage advisor for the last decade to the governments, power and energy companies leading the way in shaping this future, we share their vision and passion for effecting global change for good. We do so by creating an outstanding business environment that delivers technical and commercial success for our clients. This we achieve through releasing the technical energies and innovative approaches of our very highly experienced consultants and aligning these with our clients drivers to engineer the optimal secure storage for their project. We can screen, simulate, risk assess and plan the life cycle of your carbon storage project.

Our absolute core strength is the world class team of consultants and technologists who make up LR Senergy. Clients come to us because they know they can rely on what our teams are saying and the results they generate. With over 400 of the very best and most experienced geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, production technologists and reservoir, well and drilling engineers, LR Senergy has the capacity to meet the most challenging of storage projects. This includes deep saline aquifers and gasfields both onshore and offshore or combined with CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or enhanced coal bed methane production.

We deliver projects globally and have offices worldwide. To discuss your project or for more information please contact John McCurry, Carbon Storage Manager T: +44 1330 825188 E: