Commercial & Regulatory

Senergy Locations

LR Senergy is proud of our unparalleled history of guiding clients through the maze of grid regulation, ensuring that they get the possible deal.

We have a team of engineers who can place the physical realities of a project's grid connection prospects in the context of the grid access and charging regimes. The team can help with matters such as:

  • assessment of grid access issues (eg connect and manage)
  • grid application and connection offer review
  • assessment of grid use of system charges (or revenues)
  • financial modelling
  • technical code (eg grid code, balancing and settlement code) impact assessment
  • ESCO opportunities
  • power purchase agreement advice

LR Senergy's commercial and regulatory team is often used as a one-stop-shop grid manager to clients with a portfolio of sites in development. Such a service allows our clients to focus on other significant challenges posed in managing their projects safe in the knowledge that grid is an area that is in safe hands.

If you would like to know more about LR Senergy commercial and regulatory services please do not hesitate to contact us