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LR Senergy has specific expertise in the planning and design of high voltage electrical transmission lines and associated electrical distribution facilities. Our engineers have extensive backgrounds working in the electrical power generation and transmission industry and are intimately familiar with the technical design, capital planning, permitting, land acquisition, and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome to successfully implement improvements to the electrical power grid. We are active in industry associations and enjoy established working relationships with many regional power generators and transmission companies, as well as individuals in the various agencies that regulate this industry.

Particular areas of power systems engineering expertise includes:

  • evaluation of existing systems for power flow, stability, and short-circuit potential
  • NEPOOL/ISO-NE/RTO-NE support
  • design of utility substations and control systems
  • specification and coordination of relay protection systems
  • specification of power equipment
  • evaluation and design of electrical system integration with the grid
  • generation feasibility analysis and project coordination with ISO’s
  • start-up/commissioning support
  • control systems specification and design
  • transmission and distribution power line design
  • owner’s engineer
  • earth system design and specification

LR Senergy are mini-grid and island power system specialists offering a comprehensive range of services for islands, mini-grids, diesel and hybrid electrical power systems. We have enabled many remote and island communities which rely on mini-grid systems to obtain a robust and sustainable source of electricity 24 hours a day.

For more information on electrical engineering products and services please contact jason.hill@Senergyworld.com