Technical Services

Senergy Locations

Our consultants provide expert advice on all aspects of the connection and regulation of renewable energy, challenging standard thinking and identifying the most economical and technically acceptable solution.

With a wealth of knowledge and an unrivalled pedigree, we provide advice and support to our clients, ensuring that they maximise the returns from their renewable generation project. Through our daily involvement in these projects and continuous contact with regulatory bodies, working groups and universities, we provide advice that is current and based on real scenarios.

Before commencement of any project, wherever possible our first move is to discuss your aims and objectives with you in person. This is a ‘people’ business, where relationships are important and as a client you need to be confident that we can deliver to your individual needs.

Advice is provided at all stages of the electrical connection and on all renewable technologies including:

  • grid connection feasibility
  • electrical design
  • grid code compliance and compliance solutions
  • technical advisor/client engineer
  • commercial and regulatory

For more information on our technical services please contact Jason Hill