Development Solutions Capability

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Figure 1 - Client Integrator

Figure 2 - LR Senergy Integrator

Development Solutions is building on LR Senergy's core strengths in subsurface and wells. Our facilities engineering and projects division rounds our offering to provide a comprehensive service offering, focused on clients' needs - technical, economic and strategic.

Development Solutions core skills include:

  • development engineering
  • project development
  • flow assurance
  • process engineering
  • subsea and pipeline engineering
  • HSEQ
  • project leadership and delivery
  • project services and assurance

Strategic Relationships

Client integrated services - at the conventional end of the spectrum, we offer a facilities engineering and project management service to integrating clients, working alongside their other contractors in a collaborative mode. Please see figure 1 to the right.

The integrating consultant - at the other end of the spectrum, and at the clients preference, Development Solutions offer to act as the integrator and management contractor on their behalf.

It is critical to the success of such relationships that the customer stays in control. Operations are therefore based on a single common data set with absolute transparency on critical issues such as cost, progress, risks and reputational issues.

Collaboration remains a guiding principle throughout our operating modes - both with the customer and also with other members of the supply chain. Please see figure 2 to the right.

"We’re determined that the LR Senergy brand will be technically distinctive. By doing the right work at the right points in the development programme, we will help clients robustly face down decision gates and accelerate the project cycle to successful outcomes."

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