Well Integrity Assurance

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The consequences of poor well integrity management can, in some cases be immeasurable. However, for the most part, good well integrity practices will maximise the life of the well, its productivity, and most importantly its safety while minimising well maintenance costs.

LR Senergy's Well Integrity team brings expertise at all stages of the well life cycle which will help operators put the essential integrity elements in place: 

  • well design by competent engineers based on the correct subsurface data
  • a well construction process which reliably implements the approved well design
  • management systems that adequately control the change of use of a well or its operating parameters
  • clearly understood operating parameters for the well with control systems and procedures to respond to changes promptly
  • a system for testing, reporting, recording and repairing wells and maintaining acceptable levels of risk
  • a proactive system for monitoring suspended wells with a review and planning process for future use
  • abandonment planning by competent engineers based on updated subsurface data

If you would like more information please contact us via wellintegrity@lr-senergy.com