Advanced Drilling Techniques (ADT)

Senergy Locations

LR Senergy boasts the world's largest independent, principal advanced drilling and subsurface capability specialising in advanced drilling techniques (ADT).

Our unique ADT experience, gained from some 12 years of international operations, has resulted in a number of world and industry firsts which, to this day, continue to set us apart. LR Senergy's ADT capability, when linked to our in-house specialisms such as geomechanics, reservoir engineering, formation damage, performance drilling, and production engineering, means we are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled levels of customer service. From the initial ADT opportunity evaluation right through to project execution of a single well, through to full field redevelopment or rejuvenation, we can provide as little or as much support as required from the involved and selected (your choice) disciplines.

Our philosophy is to ensure that each project is given the best chance of success by providing experienced, hands-on project staff with direct ADT experience; this way we increase the probability of successful operations for all our clients.

For more information, please contact Phil Davies, Well Engineering Services Manager