InterActive Drilling™ Services

Senergy Locations

LR Senergy’s InterActive Drilling™ service offering is predicated upon de-risking drilling operations. With the advance of technology, software and communications hardware, access to well data has never been greater. However, managers need information, not just data, to make critical decisions. InterActive Drilling™ moves the game on from reactive decisions based on data, to proactive and/or predictive decisions based on information and via integration with LR Senergy’s independent expertise; we can help our clients address their challenges with ensuring; consistent and reliable well delivery, efficient cost management and the delivery of improved reservoir performance.

InterActive Drilling™ Elements:

  • regional geomechanical studies
  • well bore stability and pore pressure/fracture gradient analysis
  • drilling optimisation
  • bit/BHA optimisation (planning and execution phases)
  • bit/hole opener/roller reamer vendor selection advice and inventory management
  • hydraulics/torque and drag
  • performance drilling (MSE/vibration mitigation)
  • performance benchmarking
  • process and procedure assurance - peer review and management of change
  • Existing data is used where possible - complementing rather than duplicating existing work. The following disciplines and processes are also considered:
  • site survey and surface geomechanics
  • process and procedure assurance - peer review and management of change
  • formation damage and well productivity (WellscopeTM)
  • formation evaluation and petrophysics
  • InterActive Drilling™ is a service that can add significant value, and will provide an excellent return on investment where it identifies even minor performance improvements.

To find out more please contact Phil Davies: InterActive Drilling™ Manager