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LR Senergy has developed a pioneering tool called Wellscope™. This tool revolutionises the industry's approach to inflow performance and as a result, increases productivity and cost effectiveness for our clients.

LR Senergy's production technology and formation integrity specialists have collaborated to develop Wellscope™ which, for the first time, addresses the drilling of a well from an entirely different perspective. Based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Wellscope produces a 3D model of a prospective well with a capability of 10 million cells. The cells can be recalculated individually or collectively at the touch of a button, providing not only insight into how best to evaluate and approach the near wellbore inflow performance of a well but, as a result, maximising the well's performance also.

To find out more about Wellscope and its associated benefits please contact Michael Byrne, Principal Formation Damage Consutlant, SPE Distinguished Lecturer and co-developer of Wellscope Michael.Byrne@lr-senergy.com