Senergy Locations
Ternan Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of LR Senergy. Formed in 2003 we specialise in regional exploration studies. Based on the play fairway approach, the studies are designed for evaluation and screening of exploration opportunities.
Our report authors have considerable exploration experience, especially in the North East Atlantic, and have produced a suite of reports which are widely used within the industry.
Available studies extend over the UK Central and Northern North Sea regions, Norwegian North Sea,  Norwegian Sea, UK Atlantic Margin around West of Shetlands and West of Hebrides. A report covering the Irish Atlantic Margin is also available from the Irish government. An updated and integrated North Sea Report will be available from April 2015.

Play fairway mapping combines the distribution of reservoir, hydrocarbon charge and topseal to provide a regional view of geological prospectivity. This can be used for rapid assessment of acreage in mature or frontier areas.

For more information please contact info@ternan.com