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LR Senergy developed a business transformation strategy for a major operator which, supported by key performance management tools, helped deliver a 40% reduction in well costs over a two year cycle – equivalent to a saving of over $80m.

Our multi-disciplined teams can evaluate well designs and advise on the development of cost-effective wells, oversee and prepare field development plans, scope, cost and evaluate well viability. They can also assess performance potential and outline benchmarking proposals.

LR Senergy wells offering
  • well engineering through development planning (production technology, geomechanics, completions, well testing)
  • management of the entire well planning, engineering and execution process
  • fast and robust estimates for drilling project time and cost - KoraxTM
  • long lead item procurement
  • site surveys
  • HSE permitting and management (ER and OSCP)
  • well services, procurement and logistics
  • operating teams on/offshore
  • subsurface support
  • well design – complete engineering design of well
  • well performance – detailed analysis, optimisation and management of the well operations
  • risk management – rigorous risk management processes
  • full suite of well engineering software, well design, operations reporting, project management and cost tracking
  • capability and feasibility reviews in detail and at conceptual stage for conventional and novel projects
  • natural and CO2 gas storage well designs

For more information please contact Steve.Gilbert@lr-senergy.com