Well Operations

Senergy Locations

LR Senergy provides a comprehensive well operations project management service worldwide. LR Senergy can specifically tailor this service to clients requirements. This allows operators to outsource their entire well operations and rig management needs to LR Senergy. We manage well project delivery with a full life cycle approach and our services cover all aspects of well construction. LR Senergy also offers multi client well share programmes where working in partnership with our suppliers, clients and other Operators  we provide access to rig-slots while passing on the financial benefit of a longer term rig contract. Ultimately we help clients realise their strategic commitments by assisting in meeting their responsibilities to investors/partners and the government.

LR Senergy’s breadth of offering in this area includes site survey management, rig contracting, well design, well completion design, well testing design, well operations management, QHSE management, complete well tangible supply, well operations logistics support, and operational insurances. Combined with geological, reservoir and performance drilling expertise, LR Senergy ensures valuable assets are fully optimised while minimising capital and operational expenditure.

LR Senergy's breadth of offering in this area includes:
•    market understanding
•    schedule consolidation
•    slot management
•    peak loading capability
•    rig and client contractual arrangement

For more information on our complete well operation services please contact Steve.Gilbert@lr-senergy.com