What's new in IP 4.1

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Senergy Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our powerful petrophysics analysis tool. IP™ 4.1 features a number of new modules as well as many additional enhancements and functionality improvements.


nDPredictor is a new statistical tool used for porosity and water saturation predictions from mud log and drilling data. This module has been designed to address the highly nonlinear nature of geological data and is based on the geological differential method (GDM). It integrates various forms of data, preserves the geological identity and produces a true point by point solution of the target parameter. nDPredictor produces a true solution in comparison to the statistical methods which can only produce a realisation.


SandPIT 3D is designed to help geomechanics and production engineers determine the likelihood of rock failure in sandstone reservoirs and hence the chance of sand production in the well. The calculations can be run for an open hole or cased & perforated completion for any well azimuth and deviation. The two modes of operation are multi-depth, which allows the user to predict the onset of sand failure across the whole reservoir interval, and discrete depth, which allows the user to predict the sand-free operating envelope (allowable drawdown versus depletion) for a range of rock strengths and well completion options.


Organic Shale Workflows - several upgrades have been made to Interactive Petrophysics (IP™) to facilitate the robust computation of effective porosity and hydrocarbon saturation in organic shales. There is a new TOC (Total Organic Content) module, which is included in the base licence, and there have been upgrades to both the deterministic Porosity and Water Saturation Module and the non-deterministic Mineral Solver to easily incorporate the computed TOC into the volumetric analysis.


New functionality includes the use of percentile values for clay volume, the ability to separate logplots from the main window. Connectivity enhancements include a new Petrolog data link and the ability to load Geolog ASCII data files, Geolog layout files and ELAN .elp files.


Enhancements have been made to the Image Log Processing and Analysis module, which fully covers the workflow from raw data processing, speed correction, image enhancements, thorough manual and automatic picking, to statistical analysis of the results, including stereonet analysis. Also new is our NavQC module to correct bad navigation data, Dual OBMI support and an interactive, high resolution 3D engine for visualization of Image Logs.


IP4.1 also features upgrades to the Rock Physics Module which has been expanded to allow for the creation of Synthetic Seismograms, Monte Carlo, Phi Sw and Saturation Height, and now has a new function to allow the conversion of Pc curves to a ‘dry rock state’.


IP4.1 is now available worldwide for download - download link


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