IP 4.3 Launch Webinar Videos

Videos of our 'What new in IP 4.3' launch webinar which was presented in six sections can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

View Video 1 - Petrophysics - New Modules and Enhancements

(includes Mineral Solver 3D Petrophysics, 3D Self Organising Maps + Standalone Contingency Table, PhiSw Enhancements, Sand Silt Malay Model)

View Video 2 - Hydraulic Flow Units Module

(Includes Saturation Height Enhancements)

View Video 3 - Acoustic Waveform Processing

View Video 4 - Geomechanics

(includes New Workflow, New Wellbore Stability Module and Pore Pressure Enhancements)

View Video 5 - Geosteering Module

View Video 6 - Other Enhancements

(includes Multi-User Access, Cement Evaluation, Production Logging, Image Analysis, New Curve Normalisation Module, Logplot Half-Track, Fonts, User Apps, Touch Screen, Multi-Core Processing)


New IP 4.3 Feature: XStream Connect

View Video - A Demonstration video of XStream Connect, the new realtime Data Loader used in IP. The feature contains code by DK Energy


Tutorial videos exploring other functions of IP:

IP Demo Video
Cluster Analysis
Corporate Folders
Curve Splice
Depth Shift
Formation Testing
LAS Load
Mineral Solver
Multi Mins
Neural Networks
Pore Pressure