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Our goal is to provide world-class petrophysical experts who are able to solve a wide variety of petrophysical problems. With extensive global experience, our petrophysicists are committed to creating bespoke solutions for you. We share our global experience and unique problem solving knowledge so that you are better able to characterise your rocks quickly.

The role of petrophysicists is central to much of LR Senergy’s service provision; geocellular models, 3D simulation models and the work of the geomechanics team all depend on the work of our petrophysicists. In particular, our informed knowledge of rock properties, facies, core and log analysis reinforces LR Senergy's integrated approach to exploration, field development planning, and well and reservoir management.

At LR Senergy, we offer a unified approach to petrophysics. We are capable of working and devising solutions in difficult conditions and challenging locations. We don’t just analyse logs to get an answer; we integrate all pertinent information including fluid and rock types and their properties from core and cuttings analysis. Integration of all the data is key to improving confidence in any petrophysical interpretation. For us, core analysis,  log analysis and geological specialists must work together to create a completely integrated petrophysical solution.


Global Technical Head of Petrophysics
Global Technical Head of Geomechanics & Rock Properties

Interactive Petrophysics

Interactive Petrophysics (IPTM) is an easy to use log analysis tool, ideal for both geologists wishing to quality check their log data, and experienced petrophysicists looking to carry out multi-zone, multi-well petrophysical field analyses. Find out more here.