In-House Courses & Professional Mentoring

In-house training

Most of our public courses can also be delivered in-house, either “as they are” to your group or as the basis of a customised delivery. This option could be attractive if you have several people to train at the same time and/or wish to tailor the content to give emphasis to your own priorities. This option also gives you the opportunity to incorporate commercially sensitive scenarios or data. We can time the delivery of these courses to complement your own project timescales, as well as configure the duration to optimise the balance between the time you have available and your learning priorities.

Alternatively, you may already have your own in-house training capability which would benefit from the addition of some specialist expertise and insight to transform the value. We can craft a solution which will blend with your own existing approach

To discuss your potential requirements, please contact We will make sure we understand your objectives and context.


Our technical mentoring process will be uniquely tailored to your needs. Our consultants can provide tuition geared to individuals or small teams at all levels of experience. Sessions can last from a few hours to many months, with sessions designed specifically to meet your objectives. As such, we can plan to coincide sessions with specific phases or milestones to help you succeed with your own projects.

Our technical mentoring involves hands-on sessions built on proven technical workflows and in-depth expertise with industry standard technology. To find out how a mentoring approach can benefit you, contact