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Introduction to geological storage of CO2

"100% achieved."

(Chris Stenlake, IhS)

"Course was exactly as I hoped."

(Mark Mick, Marathon Oil)

Core Analysis

"Yes, very glad I went. It clarified many aspects that had confused me previously."

(Kenrick Van Noord, Inpex)

"The course is excellent, one of the best courses I've attended!"

(Mudar Atfeh, ADCO)

“Don't attempt another SCAL program without attending this!"

(Oja Ogezi – Wintershall)

"Very good introduction to SCAL, many practical tips for data QC."


(Juergen Dreier -  Wintershall)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent. The instructor peppered his presentation with humor and made a difficult subject very interesting and understandable."

(Margaret Hildick Pytte, Inpex)

"If you need to learn about core analysis or refresh / update your knowledge this is an excellent course."

(Lena Thrane, Baker Atlas)

"Immediately applicable and usable processes, procedures and methodologies."

(Ray Spicer, Oilsearch)

"Achieved, this course will allow me to gain faster stand alone proficiency in SCAL program design and importantly in your analysis and QC of SCAL data."

(Guan Ng, Chevron)

"The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge of core analysis."

(Scott MacMillan, Woodside) 

"Most relevant course attended to date. Directly applicable to petrophysical evaluation. Course is a must for all petrophysicists."

(Vanessa Lim, Woodside)

"I would certainly recommend this course to others - difficult to think of improvements."

(Tom Grampin, Woodside)

"Will directly benefit upcoming core analysis programme."

(Ryan Kulacz, Woodside)


"Excelllent lecturer, added humour, right pace and kept the talk informal."

(Zach John, Schlumberger)

"General introduction to Geomechanics, well explained and well presented and specifically on understanding wellbore stability issues, the tools used, with real examples."

(David Mellings, RPS Energy)

"The course exceeded my expectations. The material covered was detailed instead of the usual overview of general conceptual slide material that other training providers come up with."

(Guan Ng, Chevron)

"Yes, much better understanding of data required, techniques available and understanding of results."

(Scott Cole, Saros)

"You will come out understanding the fundamentals of rock mechanics."

(Margaret Hildick Pytte, Inpex)

"Level of pre knowledge required is relatively low which is a bonus and the examples used make the course content directly applicable."

(Craig Buchan, Task Geoscience)

"I have certainly learned things I can use in my daily work."

(Lena Thrane, Baker Atlas)

Interactive Petrophysics

"I really appreciated the practical information provided and instructor has lots of experience which adds real value to the course."

(Izaskun Zubizarreta)

"The course was very informative and most importantly fun - this made it interesting and understandable."

(Rachel Goodfellow)